Police save man's life after pulling him from burning car

Joseph Trimboli and Eric Keyes have been hailed as heroes

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After a year of inflamed tensions between large sections of the American public and the police, a video from a county in Florida reveals a more benevolent side to US law enforcement.

The footage shows police officers in Okaloosa County, Florida pulling a man through the window of his burning car, saving him from serious injury and earning the deputies the County Sheriff’s Office "Medal of Merit".

The incident occurred on Christmas Day last year just before 3am, with Joseph Trimboli and Eric Keyes responding to reports of a traffic crash in the city of Destin.

Trimboli and Keyes found a car on fire, with flames emanating from the rear of the vehicle and beginning to spread inside, with the 45-year-old driver trapped inside the wheel.


As the policemen pull the driver out of the vehicle, the driver's legs can be seen engulfed in flames.

The video shows the remains of the car after the fire.

The video, shot by body cameras on the policemen, shows Keyes shatter the passenger window and enlist the help of Trimboli to pull the man out of the vehicle. By this time, the driver's were already on fire, yet Keyes and Trimboli both took that risk to ensure the man's safety.

Sheriff Larry Ashley presents Medals of Merit and Lifesaving Awards to Eric Keyes and Joseph Trimboli.

The driver, from Brandon Florida, has since expressed his deep thanks for the two deputies' efforts. He was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation at a nearby hospital in Walton County. An investigation into crash revealed that the driver was intoxicated.

Video courtesy of Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office