Pregnant mother expecting 7lb baby shocked by newborn daughter weighing 14lb

Mia Yasmin Garcia was flown to a nearby hospital where she is being treated for breathing problems

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An expectant mother in Colorado who was told she would give birth to a small, seven pound baby, was shocked when her newborn daughter instead weighed 14 pounds.

Alisha Hernandez of Alamosa gave birth to Mia Yasmin Garcia by caesarean section on Monday, at the San Luis Valley Hospital.

When midwives at the hospital weighed the unexpectedly large newborn, the scales revealed she weighed 13 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 22 inches long.

A nurse then waved over to Mia’s father, Francisco Garcia, and pointed him towards the scale.

“They're all shocked that they're seeing a baby like that. They opened their eyes like they've never seen a baby like that,” Mr Garcia told 9News.

Shortly after Mia was born, she was flown to a hospital in the Denver area, where she was treated for low glucose levels and breathing problems.

Doctos hope that she will be able to join her family, including her four older sisters Britney, Ximena, Yulissa and Yuliana, by next week.

All of the couple’s other children were born at average weights, and even the combined birth-weight of their twins was lower than Mia’s, said Mr Garcia.

He added that Mia will be their last child.

Mia’s arrival comes after a mother in Utah gave birth to a 14lb baby boy last year.

Joel Brandon Jr., nicknamed J.J., was born by caesarean section at Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, weighed 14 pounds, and measured 22 inches long – stats which saw him called America’s biggest baby of 2013.

Sara Brandon, his mother, said she was stunned by J.J.’s size, but was warned at a previous ultrasound that he’d be of the above average weigh of 11 pounds.

Canadian mother, Anna Bates, is believed to have given birth to the world’s largest baby in 1879. The infant weighed 23lb 12oz, but died 11 hours later.