President Obama drinks a beer with his pinky up, declares his love for guacamole

'I'm a fanatic about guac'

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President Barack Obama gave a pre-Super Bowl interview in the White House kitchen last night, talking economic equality, congress proposals and, more importantly, his favourite kind of dip.

NBC's Savannah Guthrie and the POTUS enjoyed a glass of the White House's home-brewed Honey Ale, which Obama very presidentially sipped with his pinky in the air.

With booze flowing, Guthrie saw the opportunity for a quick round of 'either or', asking him "football or basketball?" (basketball), "offense or defense?" (offense) and "wings or chips and guac?"

"That's tough, you know I'm gonna go chips and guac, I'm a fanatic about guac," Obama wisely chose.

Guthrie rounded the game off with "Hilary Clinton or Joe Biden?", to which Obama said "Love 'em both" and gave a wonderful 'nice try' look towards his aide.

Getting down to business, the president said that as the economy recovers, he plans to spend his last two years in officer focusing on a more even distribution of the economic benefits.

"You laid out a bunch of proposals that you know cannot get through this Congress,"  Guthrie also asked him. "Isn't that counterproductive?"

  "I disagree with that," Obama insisted. "My job is to present the right ideas. If the Republicans think they have better ideas, then they should present them.

"But my job is not to trim my sails and not tell the American people what we should be doing, pretending somehow that we don't need better roads or more affordable college."