Prisoners escape Brazilian jail, film it on their phones, then post the video on the internet

Two of the escaped prisoners have since been caught but 11 are still on the run

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A total of 13 prisoners in Brazil have managed to escape from their cells through a self-dug tunnel, a feat which they filmed their smartphones before posting the video online.

The escaped convicts were able to dig their own tunnel when prison guards failed to inspect the prisoners’ cells for nearly two months.

The prisoners filmed themselves performing their escape, followed by them turning and talking to the camera after they had cleared the prison grounds, looking pleased with themselves and clearly celebrating.

CCTV footage from the Rio Verde prison in Goias State, shows the men running across the prison yard.

The prison guard on duty has been suspended for not discovering the escape plan, and police deputy Jacqueline Camargo Machado admitted the prisoners’ cells had not been inspected for some time, Sky News reported.

Video: Prisoners film their escape

She said: “The guard that was there on the day, that was looking after thinks – we now know that there had not been and inspection of the cell for almost 60 days.

“They dug a tunnel and it was easy to escape,” she added.

Police have managed to find two of the escapees, with 11 yet to be found.