Rats are now climbing out of toilets

The rodents are worryingly skilled at navigating toilets
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Rats, whose reputation even a Disney Pixar film couldn’t save, have found a new way of terrifying humans – climbing out of your toilet.

National Geographic research has shown just how easily rats can slip and slide around your plumbing before reaching the toilet bowl.

Watch how easily a rat can climb out of your toilet.

Sharp claws, collapsible ribs and an impressive swimming technique all contribute to the rodent’s porcelain scaling expertise.

Inheriting the abilities that allowed its ancestors to reach every corner of the globe, the modern rat can hold its breath for up to three minutes and tread water for up to three days.

According to one study, 10.5 million rats are estimated to live in Britain, in or outside of your toilet.

The old adage of never being more than six feet away from a rat may need adjusting now.

In New York City alone the rat population is estimated at eight million and local broadcasters’ reactions to the news was justifiably shocked.

Their advice? Scream, slam, flush.