Red Sox spectator seriously injured after shard from broken baseball bat flies into stands

Woman, who has not been named, was reportedly watching the game with her young son

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A female spectator has been seriously injured at a US baseball game when a broken bat spun out of the control of a batsman and hit her.

The unnamed woman was injured as she sat with a man believed to be her husband and young son watching the Red Sox game in Fenway Park, Boston, after a shard from a broken bat flew into the stands.

According to reports Oaklands Athletics batter Brett Lawrie hit a ball and shattered his bat, a shard of which struck the woman, standing the first row of the stands, on her forehead.

The injured spectator is wheeled off the field

Officers and paramedics were immediately on the scene, with witnesses reporting the woman’s screaming could be heard all over the stadium.

Alex Merlas, Brookline, said that the bat snapped in half. “It hit on the forehead to the top of the head … it was blunt trauma and it was a lot of blood,” he told the Boston Globe.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much blood,” Mr Merlas added.

Pictures captured from the Boston sports arena show an officer shielding the eyes of a young boy – reportedly the injured woman’s son – as paramedics placed her on a stretcher.

The game was delayed and the woman transferred to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre where she is reportedly undergoing surgery.

“Hopefully everything’s OK and she’s doing all right,” Mr Lawrie told the Boston Globe after the game.

A Boston Police spokesperson confirmed that the woman had been taken to hospital but added that there was no update on her condition.