Republicans go after disaffected hipsters in new video adverts

Do you even vote, bro?

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The GOP is targeting the historically left-leaning hipster demographic in a new advertising campaign, also trying to steal minorities and women from under Obama's suede brogue-clad feet.

The party's YouTube account released a string of videos this week featuring a vox pop from Scott Greenberg, just a regular guy who wears a black biker jacket, horn-rimmed glass and a quiff haircut and looks as though he appreciates a good penny-farthing.

Scott is "ticked off" at what he sees as politicians' failed attempts to stimulate job growth, while in another video he wants to see energy come from all possible avenues in order to drive down prices at the pump.

Scott, who the National Journal discovered does PR for the Washington Ballet and tweets about St. Vincent a lot, wants "an all of the above" strategy to energy policy, a method the GOP is also applying to its campaign for votes as a whole it seems.

Other TV and online spots feature African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans, demographics that Obama counted on in 2012.

The GOP has spent six figures on selling the ads, according to CNN, which will air on Bravo, Food, E!, Oxygen and other networks.