Rhode Island tourism board video accidentally features pictures of Iceland

The new campaign video included footage of a concert hall in Reykjavik

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A promotional video that was part of Rhode Island’s new $5 million tourism campaign included stock footage filmed in Iceland.

The state posted the video on Tuesday and it was taken down within hours following receiving criticism on social media.

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation’s art director originally said that he could “assure that all shots” were taken in Rhode Island.

But later, an agency spokesperson confirmed that the glass building included in the video was the Harpa concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavik.

“A mistake was made. Once the mistake was identified, the video was removed.”

The video which cost $22,000 to make is being updated without added cost to the state.

The mistake is being mocked by Republican state representatives, such as Doreen Costa who told NBC that “it's an epic fail.”

"I'm asking for a complete breakdown because $5 million is an awful lot of money.”