Ronald Moon: Cincinnati man posts video message showing injuries he claims he suffered trying to establish community center

Activist wants to raise money for adult education and training classes

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A man who says he was beaten up after trying to establish a community centre in the City of Cincinnati has posted a powerful video online - revealing his apparent injuries and voicing his frustrations.

"The video came roughly 30 minutes after I was attacked by three young men and two young woman who I encountered while attempting to break into a home I am restoring to convert into a Community Centre for the neighborhood of Evanston in Cincinnati, Ohio," says Ronald Moon JR.

"I am in good health and my wounds will heal in time but the goal to offer this neighborhood a resource it can benefit from remains my primary focus."

Mr Moon has established a campaign to raise money for the community centre, where he says he wants to establish adult education classes and training, As of Friday morning, Mr Moon's campaign has raised $41,225.

"The goal I have is to offer this place as a space where ideas, skills, and resources can be shared among this neighborhood and with surrounding neighborhoods in Cincinnati," he writes.

Mr Moon's appeal has been shared repeatedly. The Cincinnati Police Department did not immediately respond to inquiries.