Rupert Murdoch steps down: Fox News' most politically incorrect moments during his tenure

The most polarising news channel in the US was under Murdoch's watch

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Rupert Murdoch, one of the top media executives in the world, is stepping down from his perch as CEO of 21st Century Fox.

His empire includes film studio 20th Century Fox, television network FX, sports network Fox Sports and cable news network Fox News., among many others.

Of those, it is Fox News that is the most polarizing. Representing conservative values, Fox News is the most divisive - and controversial - news network in the US.

In honour of Murdoch stepping down, here are the 10-most politically incorrect Fox News moments on his watch.

Ann Coulter: I would tell my gay son that he was adopted


Andrea Tantaros: I would look fabulous on the food stamp diet


Fox News plays Aerosmith song “Dude Looks Like a Lady” in reference to Chelsea Manning



Megyn Kelly: Jesus was a white man



Bill O’Reilly tells black professor he looks like a cocaine dealer


Mike Huckabee suggests Newtown elementary school massacre happened because schools have “removed God”


Bob Beckel was unaware that rape on college campuses has been a big problem


Geraldo Rivera says hoodie is to blame for Trayvon Martin death


Brian Kilmeade says Americans aren’t pure because they marry “other species and other ethnics”


Ben Carson – now a presidential candidate – compares gays to people who practice bestiality



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