Sarah Palin follows launch of her new TV news channel by calling fellow ex-governor Jesse Ventura a 'jackass'

Former presidential running mate attacks ex-wrestler over damages claim against dead Navy Seal days after announcing plans for 'The Sarah Palin Channel'

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Sarah Palin, the former presidential running mate and governor of Alaska, has found a novel way of drawing attention to herself as she attempts reincarnation number who-knows-what with the launch of her new online TV news channel that bears her name. She has called another former governor a “jackass”.

Her easy target this time is Jesse Ventura who knows a thing about self-promotion himself as the former US Navy Seal who transformed himself into a professional wrestler before mysteriously persuading the normally wise folk of Minnesota to give him the keys to the governor’s mansion in 1998.

Mr Ventura lasted one term and had vanished from public view until recently when he sued the estate of the late Chris Kyle, also a former Seal and the author of the book American Sniper who was shot to death last year by another veteran at a firing range. In the book, Mr Kyle described punching another former Seal for speaking disrespectfully of US soldiers fighting in Iraq. He later let on that that man was Mr Ventura.

Mr Ventura took umbrage and denied being the man in Mr Kyle’s book. He sued the dead man’s estate and last month a jury gave him roughly $1.8 million in damages. It may be old news that not everyone saw Mr Ventura’s move as classy, but Ms Palin decided this week that there was no harm in joining the chorus against him.

Former professional wrestler Jess Ventura was labelled a 'jackass' by Palin (Getty)

“So you turn around and sue, expecting $2 million from a military widow and her fatherless children?” said Ms Palin, days after announcing the launch of The Sarah Palin Channel. “Yeah, like that is going to help your reputation, jackass. Chris Kyle was a true American patriot - the soldier who stood up for his country and saved so many lives by doing the job his Commander-in-chief gave him, taking out the bad guys....

“His widow and young children will forever feel a lot more ‘hurt’ than you will, Jesse, after a sad verdict in your ridiculous lawsuit against Chris,” she added. “You went after the bereaved family.… Since when are public figures immune from hearing something we don't like, anyway? Chris always stood up for every American. Now we're standing up for him.”

After the jury verdict was returned Mr Ventura told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he was relieved that his reputation had been restored but wondered out loud who would be the next to throw him “under the bus”. Now, apparently, he has his answer.