Scott Walker expected to remove Wisconsin’s 48-hour waiting period for gun purchases

The news comes after the house pushed another bill to allow off-duty cops to carry firearms in schools

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Republicans have passed a bill eliminating Wisconsin's 48-hour waiting period on gun purchases and Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign the bill.

Mr Walker, a 2016 GOP presidential hopeful, has indicated that he plans to sign the bill, the Associated Press reported.

Laurel Patrick, Mr Walker’s spokesperson, told the La Crosse Tribune that the Governor has vowed to support laws that “make it easier for law-abiding citizens to access firearms and difficult for criminals to obtain illegal firearms."

Critics of the bill have said the current laws had prevented people from receiving guns who may be depressed or in a rage.

Fred Kessler, a Milwaukee Democrat, said that the waiting period is the only piece of state gun laws that work: “It's just going to result in more violence in our urban communities," he said.

However, Samantha Kerkman, a Wisconsin Republican, said that the bill would curb domestic violence against women as she’s purchased her own handgun to protect her own family.

The decision comes after the house pushed another bill to allow off-duty and ex-law enforcement officers to carry firearms into schools.

The National Rifle Association applauded the move in a statement made by Chris Cox, the lobbyist group’s legal executive director.

"This important measure marks the end of an antiquated law that's served as nothing but a needless burden on law-abiding gun owners in the Badger state. We applaud the state legislature for making the preservation of Second Amendment rights a priority."