Seattle bus attack: Driver Dennis Echols beats up passenger who spat on him

Warning: Video contains footage that some may find disturbing

A Seattle bus driver has been fired after he was caught on camera repeatedly punching a passenger who spat on him.

Dennis Echols, 61, was about to have break at the end of his route but couldn’t get Ethan McKinney to get off the bus.

On the recorded footage, Echols is shown repeatedly asking the 23-year-old to leave so he can take his break, but McKinney ignores him.

At this point, Echols can be seen to throw a bag belonging to McKinney outside of the bus, who retaliates by spitting on him.

Echols told police that it was at this point he “lost it”, and proceeded to push McKinney face-first over a bench next to the bus before launching a violent attack. He is alleged to have struck McKinney multiple times with an eight-pound rubber wheel block, and to have kicked him after throwing him off the bench and onto the floor.

As the video shows, passersby shout at Echols to stop, but he only ignores them as he continues to attack McKinney. The assault took place on 18 November, although it was only until 4 December when Echol’s contract was terminated, after CCTV footage of the attack emerged.  

Both men have been charged with fourth-degree assault, The Seattle Times has reported.