Secret Service arrest man with hunting rifle and a knife in a car near the White House

The 41-year-old man was arrested for having an unregistered firearm in Washington, D.C.

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The Secret Service arrested a man on Wednesday who had a hunting rifle, ammunition and a knife in the boot of a car parked near to the White House.

41-year-old R.J. Kapheim reportedly approached officers and told them that someone from Iowa had told him to drive to the White House. He then showed them his car, allowing the officers to search the vehicle.

He was arrested for having an unregistered firearm which is illegal in the US capital, Washington, D.C., according to the Secret Service.

The arrest comes after a series of security breaches at the White House in recent months that led to the resignation of head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson.

Earlier on Wednesday, the acting Secret Service Director, Joseph Clancy, said that the agency has fallen short of its goal of perfection in the past few months.

The Secret Service is tasked with protecting US President Barack Obama.

In September, a man with a knife managed to scale the White House fence and make it inside the building. In the same month, an armed security contractor with a criminal record was allowed to get in a lift with Obama.

Additional reporting by the AP.