Secret Service code names US Republican presidential candidates want to be called include Duck Hunter, Humble, and Justice Never Sleeps

Eleven candidates, including Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush, pictured, went head-to-head in Wednesday's GOP presidential debate

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Duck Hunter, Humble, and Justice Never Sleeps were some of the bizarre suggestions US Republican presidential candidates came up with when asked what their Secret Service code names would be.

The candidates were asked the light-hearted question in the latest GOP presidential debate which took place yesterday, reports Business Insider UK.

And the answers were not only amusing, but revealing.

Donald Trump, the billionaire entrepreneur who has surprised many by becoming the frontrunner to receive the Republican nomination for the race to the White House next year, gave a somewhat ironic response to the question.

“Humble,” he answered, with rival Jeb Bush commenting on his choice, “That’s a good one”.

Mr Bush was also ready with his answer – “Ever Ready”.

Some of the candidates’ choices reflected their loyalty and love of sports.

“As a Cuban, I might go with ‘Cohiba’,” said Ted Cruz, who named the cigar brand as his Secret Service signature.

Florida senator Marco Rubio said he would want to be called “Gator” – after a University of Florida sports team.

Scott Walker opted for “Harley” because “I love riding Harleys,” he said.

A number of the candidates chose serious-sounding code names, such as John Kasich’s “Unit One”, Carly Fiorina’s “Secretariat”, and Ben Carson’s “One Nation”.

A couple went for more philosophical options.

“Justice Never Sleeps” was Rand Paul’s choice, while Chris Christie chose “True Heart”.

But the best answer came from Mike Huckabee. 

If he was a spy working in the US’ Secret Service, what would be his calling card of choice?

“Duck hunter”.