Sheikh leaves US after supercar street race caught on video

The Qatari Sheikh claimed diplomatic immunity once the police showed up

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A Qatari Sheikh has left the US after footage emerged of him involved in a supercar street race.

The video shows two supercars, a white Porsche and a Yellow Ferrari, flying through the streets of Beverley Hills with Qatari plates.

Watch the reckless street race here:

As the luxury cars zoom through the residential area, stop signs and the threat to pedestrians are both dangerously ignored by the drivers.

The race was brought to an end as the yellow Ferrari's engine began to smoke, before the police arrive to question the pair.

The driver's response to officers questioning was that he had diplomatic immunity and therefore could not be arrested for reckless driving.

Since the footage's appearance, the Shekih has left the US, who have passed on the complaint to the Qatari consulate.

Chief Rivetti told the press:  "What I do know is you can't claim diplomatic immunity if you don't have it, and you can't use that as an excuse to jeopardise the public or commit crimes."

A journalist who approached the driver was allegedly met with hostility, being told "fuck America" before having a cigarette flicked in his face and told the driver could have him "killed."