She's decided nomination, says Sarah Palin's daughter

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Sarah palin said she is still considering a potential 2012 presidential run, though her daughter said she has already made up her mind and is keeping the decision secret for now.

Ms Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee in 2008, attended the premiere of a flattering documentary about her, The Undefeated, at the opera house in the small town of Pella, Iowa. She has carefully left the door open to a campaign. Her appearance in Iowa was likely to encourage those who think the former Alaska governor still might jump into a wide-open race.

After watching the movie, Ms Palin spoke to the crowd of 300 who attended the premiere and said the documentary helped set the record straight about her background, which she believes has been distorted by the US news media.

Ms Palin's daughter Bristol, a mini-celebrity in her own right, added to the political buzz by saying on Fox News that her mother had made up her mind already about whether to seek the nomination and that she would like to see Sarah Palin run.

"She definitely knows," Bristol Palin said. She said the decision would remain within the family for now. Ms Palin brushed aside her daughter's comments as she arrived for the premiere, saying: "It's a tough decision; it's a big decision to decide whether to run for office or not. I'm still contemplating."