Showing their allegiance: Barack Obama bling


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Forget political rosettes, badges reading “Don't blame me, I voted Labour” or Conservative T-shirts (dress shirts?). The US's cool Democrat kids have far hipper ways to show their allegiance. 

Beyoncé liked it and put an (ear)ring on it with her gold Obama hoops by Erica Peña ( The hoop forms the 'O' of Obama and the rest of his name is in cut-out letters.

Online craft marketplace Etsy is awash with Barack bling, too. Whether you go for the black and pink chandelier earrings that say OBAMA and will brush your shoulders, a stainless steel "biker ring" in the shape of the President's face or a pendant reading "My Uterus Votes" (bit more oblique, that), there are all manner of ways for voters to show their support. Not so much for Romney fans: there are only three Etsy pages of Mitt bits to buy to Obama's nine. Let's hope that's a sign.