Stewart returns to domestic life

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Homemaking icon Martha Stewart strolled outdoors with her dog and fed her horses yesterday morning, hours after returning from prison to the multimillion-dollar estate where she remains under the watch of US authorities while trying to revive her commercial empire.

Before her five-month stay in prison for obstructing justice and lying to the government in relation to her share trading, Stewart lamented that she would miss her beloved pets - cats, dogs, horses, canaries and chickens - and hoped to be free in time for her cherished spring gardening.

On a cold late-winter morning, she emerged from her home wearing an ecru quilted coat and matching long, knit scarf, dark pants and boots. Stewart walked with a companion and a red dog to a snowy paddock.

Later, looking tired but smiling broadly, she chatted with journalists on the other side of her fence. "It feels great," she replied when asked how it felt to be home.

For the next five months, Stewart must wear an electronic anklet so authorities can track her every move. But she is allowed to receive her $900,000 (£468,000) salary again and can leave home for up to 48 hours a week to work, shop or run other approved errands.