Stiletto killer trial: Ana Trujillo sentenced to life in prison for stabbing boyfriend with heels

'I never meant to hurt him' Trujillo said as she was sentenced

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A woman who fatally stabbed her boyfriend 25 times with the heel of her stiletto shoe was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for his murder.

Ana Trujillo was convicted of murder on Tuesday for killing 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson during an argument last June at his Houston condominium.

Prosecutors said the couple had an argument at his home after an evening out together. During the dispute, Mr Anderson fell on his back, prosecutors said.

Trujillo then climbed on top of him and struck him in the head repeatedly with the five-and-a-half inch heel, fatally wounding him.

"She hit him 25 times in the head. That is a hard thing to overcome," prosecutor John Jordan said. 

But her defense lawyer Jack Carroll argued that Trujillo, 45, was defending herself from an attack by Mr Andersson, who was a University of Houston professor and researcher.

"Ms. Trujillo needs mercy right now," Mr Caroll argued.

Prosecutor John Jordan sets down a stiletto shoe entered into evidence during the trial against Trujillo

The court also heard Trujillo had not sustained any injuries from the confrontation, but Mr Andersson had defensive wounds on his hands and wrists.

 Trujillo took the witness stand on Thursday, telling jurors that she was forced to kill Mr Andersson to save her own life during a more than hourlong fight after being chased down, knocked into a wall and thrown over a couch. 

During about seven hours of rambling testimony, she testified that she had no idea she had hurt Andersson so badly until she reached for him and realized her hands were full of blood.

“I never meant to hurt him,” Trujillo said before the judge made the jury's decision final. “It was never my intent. I loved him. I wanted to get away. I never wanted to kill him.”