Student pilot lands F16 jet after mid-air collision during mock chase with instructor

The student safely landed the jet while his instructor was forced to eject from his aircraft over a field in Oklahoma

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A student pilot flew his F16 jet more than 100 miles and safely landed it after a mid-air collision damaged one of the jet’s wings.

The collision occurred during a training session as the student pilot and an instructor were simulating chasing down a third aircraft.

A miscommunication between the pilots caused them to lose sight of the other’s jet, before turning towards one another and crashing at an altitude of 7,500 ft.

Around five feet was shorn off the student pilot’s right wing, which tore through the right wing of his instructor’s jet, close to the fuselage.

The instructor managed to eject from his plane, which crashed moments later in a field outside the town of Moline.

The instructor managed to eject before his plane crashed in a field.

According to The Washington Post, the pilot suffered a sprained ankle, a stiff neck and upper back but no serious injuries.

The planes, with the Oklahoma Air National Guard’s 125th Squadron, had taken off from the Tulsa Air National Guard Base.

The student was a relatively inexperienced pilot with 106 hours logged in his jet, while the instructor had recorded around 2,400 flight hours.

The US Air Force released images of the planes as part of an investigation into the crash, which happened in October.

Air Force investigators estimate the collision cost $22.5million.