Student rescued 15 days after quake

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A teenage girl was pulled alive from under a collapsed house in Port-au-Prince yesterday, 15 days after Haiti's devastating earthquake.

Darlene Etienne, 17, was severely dehydrated and had a leg injury but was conscious when she was dragged out of the rubble by French and Haitian rescuers. Someone heard her voice and urged local Red Cross and civil protection workers to send rescuers to the site, said Stephan Sadak, a member of the French rescue team.

The girl was trapped between a collapsed wall and a door in the remains of her home near a school. "She was able to survive because she wasn't crushed by the rubble and there was a space where she could lie down," Mr Sadak told Reuters.

Earlier a survivor was rescued from under the wreckage of a store in the Haitian capita. Rico Dibrivell, 35, was said to have been found by looters at the store who then called in US troops for help. He suffered a broken leg and severe dehydration.

Meanwhile, the body of a UN worker killed in the earthquake has been identified as Briton Ann Barnes, the Foreign Office has confirmed. Ms Barnes was on the second floor of the main UN building when it collapsed.