Stylist 'shot woman who complained about hair'

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It was more than a bad hair day for a woman who made the foolish mistake of criticising her stylist for the cut she was giving her only to be rewarded with a bullet in her lower back.

Police said that Lauren Newton, 28, of the small rural town of Washington in south-western Pennsylvania, was having her hair done in the home of Monique Reed when the dispute broke out. Her claims that the style was not quite what she was expecting did not go down well.

An infuriated Ms Reed, "went to the bedroom, got a gun, fired a shot in the ceiling", police said. Ms Newton instantly ran out of the house accompanied by her terrified sister.

The stylist, however, was not finished. As Ms Newton fled the house, she was shot in the lower back. Although her injury was not considered life-threatening, she was taken to a hospital in nearby Pittsburgh for surgery.

Ms Reed, who is 38, has been charged with aggravated assault and endangerment.