Taco Bell employee fired for writing ‘pig’ on a police officer's order

'I was told I could bring the 5 tacos back and she would have them remade'

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The fast food chain known for its salacious late-night Tex-Mex menu has fired an employee accused of writing offensive statements on a police officer’s meal.

The officer and his fiancé ordered Taco Bell on Saturday night in Newton, Kansas when they found the word ‘pig’ was written in all caps on their order.

"I was told I could bring the 5 tacos back and she would have them remade. I advised her that we were both working and that wasn't an option. She then said she would leave a note to refund our money and get the food remade,” the officer told KAKE-TV.

According to the Associated Press, Taco Bell executives confirmed the employee's firing on Monday.

The Newton Kansas State Police Department released a statement on Facebook saying that while they condemn the message, they intend on keeping an open relationship with the food chain, and have even developed a partnership for community events.

There is a photo depicting a derogatory term written on the food wrappers of one of our officers who stopped in to our...

Posted by Newton KS Police Department on Sunday, August 2, 2015

The term "pig" is a derogatory slang term for police officers. Urban Dictionary defined the term:

"A filthy police officer, who thinks they are above the law and whatever they says goes. Well f**k em."