Take a lie test, intern's family tells Condit

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The parents of the missing intern Chandra Levy have demanded that Gary Condit, the married US Congressman with whom she was having an affair when she disappeared, take a lie detector test.

A spokesman for Robert and Susan Levy said they were not convinced Mr Condit had revealed everything that might be helpful to investigators looking for their daughter, 24. The spokesman, Michael Frisby, told The Washington Post: "The family wants the comfort of knowing that the people who were closest to Chandra are giving complete and truthful information to investigators.

"It appears the Congressman has not told the complete truth about the relationship. He told investigators one story. He did not come forward and change that until Chandra's aunt, Linda Zamsky, detailed publicly the extent of this relationship.''

The latest twist in the mystery of the missing intern comes after Mr Condit, 53, a House Representative from California, reportedly told police last week that he was having an affair with Ms Levy. She was last seen on 30 April, and Mr Condit has been interviewed by police three times.