Teacher who had sex with pupil after her husband 'plied him with alcohol' jailed

Jessica Storer sentenced to two years imprisonment after engaging in relations with 18-year-old

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A female teacher who had sex with a pupil after her husband plied him with alcohol has been jailed. 

Jessica Storer pleaded guilty to sexual battery after she had sex with the 18-year-old at the couple’s Ohio home, and was sentenced to two years in jail.  

Her husband Derrick also pleaded guilty to giving alcohol to a minor after the couple invited several students to their house, according to local media

“I should have been able to trust her,” the pupil said in a victim statement read out in court. “I’m trying to get my life together.” He has reportedly considered suicide multiple times since the incident. 

Storer, 28, said the relationship had been a “one-time thing” between two consenting adults. 

She said: “I do feel it was consensual. It was not forced. That’s where I came in saying this should be between my husband and I, my priest and God.”

However Judge Randall Basinger said Storer had not understood the seriousness of what she had done. As part of her sentence, she was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life. 

According to police, Storer met the pupil while working as a substitute teacher at Pandora-Gilboa High School. 

She was arrested on 21 December 2016 after police Chief Scott Stant received a tip off. 

Derrick Storer, 33, is due to be sentenced on Tuesday.