Teen flips car onto zebra crossing during first lesson in ‘worst Abbey Road tribute ever’

Police said those involved fortunately only suffered ‘very minor injuries’

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A teenager in the US taking part in their first ever driving lesson has learned the hard way that it is generally a good idea to keep the car the right way up.

Creating what one observer described as “the worst Abbey Road tribute ever”, the unidentified novice driver managed to leave the road and flip the vehicle off a tree, coming to rest on a zebra crossing.

Police said that luckily only “very minor injuries” were suffered by the driver and his or her instructor, who will presumably be leaving it a little while before taking them out again.

The incident occurred on Friday in Waltham, Massachusetts, and officers were quick to get the picture uploaded to Twitter, presumably as a warning to those who try to take on too much, too fast when first getting behind the wheel.

After police confirmed that the crash involved a teen driver on their first lesson which “didn’t go well”, Twitter user Rebecca Roeder responded to say that she had witnessed the bizarre incident “live”, adding “that’s my white car behind it”.

She said: “They drove into a tree, and the wheels rolled up the tree causing the flip.”

A number of Waltham MA Police’s Twitter followers responded to express their relief that “no one was badly injured”, while more questioned how exactly the flip could have happened.

Another user, showing just how much the US has got behind “soccer” in recent weeks, asked: “Was there a TV in the car? Were they watching the #WorldCup?”