Teenage employees ignore would-be robber - until he gets fed up and goes away

Police said man became exasperated by attitude of people he was trying to rob

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There you are, standing with a shirt over your head and doing your best to rob the local sandwich shop, and those no-good, slack-backsided teenagers just ignore you. It’s enough to make any self-respecting robber boil over with rage.

Police in Coventry, Rhode Island, said that is what happened this week when a man tried to rob an outlet of the Subway sandwich chain. As the man approached the counter, the teenage staff just ignored him.

Officers said the man muttered several things to himself before realising his plan was going nowhere. He then left the store empty-handed.

“The suspect became agitated and mumbled something under his breath as he walked out of the business,” said a statement posted on the police’s social media page.

Police said they were now trying to track down the man with the help of surveillance footage taken at the store. The man is said to be aged in his 40s or 50s.