Tennessee motorway wreck leaves six dead and nine injured, say police

One police officer described the horrific incident as being 'one of the worst crashes I've ever seen'

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At least six people have died and nine others have been injured in a huge motorway pile-up in Tennessee, say police.

Authorities say that at least 15 people in 9 vehicles were involved in the crash. The incident took place at around 7pm yesterday evening in Chattanooga.

None of the victims’ identities have yet been released as family members of the deceased are still being informed of the tragedy.

At least 9 people are currently being treated for injuries in local hospitals.

Investigators worked overnight to establish what caused the fatal crash.

The state’s Department of Transportation told NBC that a least one semi-trailer carrying cargo was involved in the crash, which is believed to have resulted in many of the other vehicles being completely wrecked in the pile-up.

Northbound lanes of I-75 remained closed this morning as officials sought to tend to the injured, remove the deceased and clear the vehicles from the roads.


Eye witness photos showed vehicles on fire with flames extending across the motorway amid the crash debris.

Police Chief Fred Fletcher from Chattanooga Police told reporters last night: “My heart goes out to all individuals involved in this tragic incident. This is one of the worst crashes I’ve ever seen.”