Texas biker gangs shooting: Biker gang member files civil rights lawsuit against Waco after arrest

The suspect states that he had no involvement in the incident which left 9 people dead and 18 injured

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A biker gang member has sued the city of Waco, Texas after he was jailed during last month’s deadly shootout.

Matt Clendennen, 30, was one of 177 people arrested after May’s deadly gang shooting which left 9 people dead and 18 injured. Each suspect was charged with organised crime and faced $1 million bonds.

Mr Clendennen, a member of the Scimitars Motorcycle Club, met bond this week and called the police response to the violent and bloody shootout a gross overreaction.

"I committed no crime. I did nothing wrong," the 30-year-old told CNN. "I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time."

F. Clinton Broden, Mr Clendennen’s attorney, told the Los Angeles Times that the arrests were an “unprecedented, wholesale roundup of people.”

“It seems like something out of Casablanca — just round everybody up. You’re arresting people for being at the scene of a crime. It’s scary that this can happen in America.”

Mr Clendennen said he lost income from his landscaping business while behind bars and may struggle to support his wife, two children and two seperate children from a previous marriage.

"I'm one of the first to get out. There are still well over 150 there. How long will they be there? How many can't post these outrageous bonds and provide for their families? I had to post $100,000 bond to get out," he said.

Nineteen of the 177 bikers posted bail from last month's shootout between the Cossacks, Bandidos and Scimitars biker gangs.

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