That's another £80 on to the US debt: Hillary Clinton gets parking ticket in London

Former Secretary of State was attending an event at Mayfair's Chatham House when motorcade parked without paying and displaying

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At a time when America’s debt ceiling crisis threatens to cause global meltdown, a London parking warden gave bean-counters of the world’s largest economy something else to worry about.

The warden boldly slapped an £80 parking ticket on a limousine illegally parked outside London’s Chatham House, in Mayfair, a place where diplomats regularly meet.

The warden refused to cancel the ticket even when US security officers told him that the offending silver Mercedes belonged to the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ms Clinton had arrived for an event at Chatham  House in a five-car motorcade, which parked without paying and displaying. Whether the parking fine will ever get paid is another matter.