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Mary Beth Ray, 48, Republican, Washington DC, lawyer and housewife

The VPcandidatecovered all the bases, reiterating his middle class roots and foreign policy credentials, and trying to add specifics to Obama's record. The Bill and Joe show provided theone- two punch that the Democrats needed.

Laura DeBusk, 38,Democrat, Virginia, housewife

Joe Biden didn't deliver the rousing, emotional speech that I expected but he assumed the necessary role of going after John McCain's positions and policies. Joe Biden's real strength will be in debates and connecting with blue collar workers. I think Joe Biden will be a huge asset.

Renee Van Vechten, 39, Democrat, California, Professor of Political Science

Tough, understandable, Joe Biden left no doubt why he was chosen for thesecond spot on the ticket. Though there won't be any roof to blow away at Invesco stadium Thursday, Obama has been well-prepped to reach for new presidential heights.

Joseph McManus, 62,Republican, Washington DC, lawyer

Joe Biden's speech was certainly a great celebration of the life of Joe Biden.Beyond that, the usual Bush bashing and general Democratic nostrums for improvement. Certainly he played his part well in the surprise visit of Obama.

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