The view from Boston: City shuts down while suspected marathon bomber is hunted in Watertown


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Bill Hughes, 49, is vice president of an education company. He lives in Randolph, in south Boston.

His office is still off-limits because it is on the same street as the original bomb attack. He says: "I'm not restricted but everything's shut down. My office is shut down, both of my kids' schools are shut down.

"The entire MBTA (the city's transport network) is shut down. People are being asked to stay in their homes as much as possible. I'm in an area which is around 20 to 25 miles from Watertown. You don't see very many people out.

"I think Governor Patrick and the law enforcement agencies are being incredibly thoughtful and sensible. I'm feeling a lot safer. The speed at which this is happening is unprecedented.

"The fact that they locked down the entire transportation system gives everybody a sense that they can work this problem and minimise casualties.

"People want this to end and end quickly. People have to explain to their kids why their schools are closed.

"We are hoping this will be consummated, hopefully today but we don't know. Hopefully this ends quickly, but it may not. We just have to wait and see."