The world according to George W Bush

Tonight, US President delivers annual State of the Union address as world powers meet in London to discuss global flashpoints
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State of the Union The regime is a bandit state that will stop at nothing to build a nuclear arsenal. There are fears it will send plutonium to Iran.

State of the Region US policy on North Korea has been a complete failure and the regime has blackmailed South Korea into sending aid.


State of the Union President Bush sees new Prime Minister Stephen Harper as an ally on issues including abortion. Mr Harper criticised Canada for not joining Iraq war.

State of the Region Mr Harper's first move was to say he rejected the US assertion that the Arctic North-west Passage was "neutral waters".


State of the Union Enlargement of EU protects friends of the US: Poland, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states. Nato shares the burden in Afghanistan.

State of the Region Merkel supplanting Blair in "special relationship". Use of European airports for "rendition flights" has damaged US.


State of the Union US trumpets progress, pointing to $5bn spent on the country. Afghan government committed to improving security and economic affairs.

State of the Region President Karzai confined to his palace as the insurgency spreads in the south where UK troops will be deployed.


State of the Union "Free elections" were held in December. Iraqis replacing American forces, raising prospect of troops' withdrawal.

State of the Region Shia majority, allied to Iran, swept to victory. Insurgent attacks dashing hopes of withdrawal. More than 2,240 US troops have been killed.


State of the Union Adamant Iran must not be allowed nuclear weapons. Washington wants diplomatic solution but bombing an option.

State of the Region By keeping military threat alive, Mr Bush may allow mullahs to justify nuclear weapons programme for self-defence. Could invite riposte from Israel.


State of the Union After first election for a Palestinian parliament in a decade, US refusing to deal with Hamas until it drops terrorism and ambition to destroy Israel.

State of the Region Dilemma for US is whether to cut off funds to Palestinians - choking the seeds of democracy. Same problem across the Middle East.


State of the Union US forgave debt of the poorest countries. A key bulwark in the "war on terror''. Its mineral and oil assets make it a key strategic partner.

State of the Region Scramble for Africa between China, the US and India. US defines its value in terms of oil and access to military bases.


State of the Union A problem. Socialist candidates topped the poll in 11 elections in past year. But US investment in region is strong. The market economy safe. Drugs war being stepped up.

State of the Region Voters rejecting unfettered capitalism. New leaders expanding state control on the oil and mining industries.


State of the Union An ally in the "war on terror" and a source of enormous potential profit for corporate America.

State of the Region China is poised to challenge the US global leadership and overturn international standards. Economically and militarily the Middle Kingdom is bursting outward.