There's a lottery in which the prize is a 20-year supply of bacon

That's a lot of bacon.

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Indiana's Hoosier Lottery is switching from cold, hard cash to hot, crispy bacon for its prize, offering players the chance to win 20 years-worth of the stuff.

$5,000 of bacon will be dished out in 20 annual instalments to winners, according to the rules, presumably because no-one has the freezer space for 20 years of bacon.

It's an ingenious ploy, given that anyone who tried to eat 20 years of bacon would probably struggle to live 20 years.


Winners also have the option to take the prize in cash instead, though the hedonist in me hopes that no-one will.

Because its  lottery just isn't porky enough, Indiana will also introduce scratch-off tickets that smell of bacon.


(Via Consumerist)

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