These are the 10 most affordable cities to live in the US

They're mostly in Ohio

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You get the most bang-for-your-buck living in the major metropolises of the American midwest, according to a new study.

Real estate website Trulia worked out what percentage of their pay packet residents of the 100 biggest US cities spend on the essentials: housing, commuting and utilities.

The resulting rankings reveal that Missouri and especially Ohio are the ideal states to live if you want decent disposable income.

The Buckeye State (Ohio) is home to four of the top 10 most affordable places: Akron, Dayton, Cleveland and Toledo.

The average Akronian spends only 16 per cent of their monthly income on housing; the average resident of Wichita, Kansas only needs to set aside 6.7 per cent of their monthly money for transport; and if you live in Syracuse, New York then utilities only cost 3.9 per cent of your monthly salary.

According to Trulia, rising US house prices and flat wage growth have cut affordability in 89 of the 100 biggest housing markets in the country.

Ralph McLaughlin, a Trulia housing economist said: "Ohio was hit particularly hard with the recession and prices are rebounding, but they're still quite low relative to incomes."

He said the market's uneven recovery has created a 'polarizing trend'.

"The most expensive markets are becoming even more expensive and more affordable markets are remaining affordable."