Tom Brady and NFL fail to reach settlement on Deflategate scandal

The judge plans to rule on the case before Friday

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Tom Brady and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell have failed to reach a settlement in the four-game suspension for his involvement in the Deflategate scandal, ESPN reports.

US District Court Judge Richard Berman said on Monday that neither side had reached a settlement in the quarterback's lawsuit against the NFL.

Stephen Brown, court reporter for the New York Daily News, chronicled the proceedings on Twitter. Brown reported that Judge Berman said he plans to rule on the case in the next day or two, "Certainly before Friday.”

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo’s sports columnist, reported that neither Brady nor Goodell would look at each other in court.

“Brady and Goodell stood feet apart and made sure to never look at each other. Neither appeared in a good mood,” Wetzel tweeted.

It's expected that Judge Berman will either uphold Brady's four-game suspension and drop the suspension entirely. The Boston Globe reports that while a decision may be made this week, both sides will have the options to appeal.

"If the lawsuit does go to a decision — either Monday or Friday — it almost certainly won’t end there. Both sides have appeal options, which could make the suit drag on for several more months, if not years. If Brady loses, he would need to get an injunction — either from Berman or the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit — to be able to keep playing until his appeal is heard, which likely wouldn’t happen until after the 2015 season," Globe reporter Ben Volin writes.