Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 'may enter rehab'


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After a string of embarrassing recent revelations involving class A drugs and violent death threats, the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford is considering entering a rehabilitation program, his lawyer has said.

Dennis Morris said that Mr Ford is "considering his options" and that treatment is "one of them."

But he warned that Mr Ford needs to say what he plans to do himself because "when you go left, he goes right." He added: “It's best we hear from his lips."

Mr Ford’s gesture to seek help comes a day after a video emerged of him threatening to commit “first-degree murder” against an unknown person during a drunken rant.

In the video Mr Ford says he wants to rip out an unnamed person's throat, poke out his eyes and kill him.

The agitated politician seems to vent his anger at someone who has called him and his brothers “liars, thieves”.

"No holds barred, brother. He dies or I die," the mayor tells someone else in the room.

The mayor has said he was “extremely, extremely inebriated,” when the film was taken.

On Friday Mr Ford refused to discuss what his next steps would be as he entered Toronto’s City Council building.

"I'm dealing with a serious personal issue right now. Please give me this time," he said.

Earlier this week the mayor admitted to having smoked crack cocaine after video footage was obtained by police who allege he can be seen smoking the drug.

Mr Ford, 44, who was elected Mayor in 2010, has apologised for his behaviour in both videos, but he has refused to resign or take leave of absence despite intense pressure.