TTC: Toronto Transit Commission investigates video showing officers punching hockey fans

The video was shared widely last night after it was posted on Facebook

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The Toronto Transit Commission has launched an investigation after a video has emerged appearing to show TTC officers punching hockey fans in a train station.

The six-minute video is believed to be from 29 January after an NHL match between the Maple Leafs and the Coyotes and is thought to be filmed in Union Station.

The footage seems to show two special TTC constables having an altercation with two men as they try to arrest them. All of the parties involved are seen throwing punches at each other as the officers attempt to subdue the two men.

One of the arrested men, who has been punched in the face and is bleeding says, “I paid my fare, I didn’t do anything”.

Towards the end of the video, officers from the Toronto Police arrive at the scene and try to break up the crowd.

Warning: Video contains strong language and scenes that some readers may find upsetting

The chair of the TTC Josh Colle has described the video as “disturbing”.

“Just having seen [the video] a few minutes ago, I certainly don’t know the context, or the situation, but it’s certainly something that is alarming when you watch it and I believe that both the TTC and more importantly Toronto police have to investigate this,” Mr Colle told CP24.

A TTC spokesman, Brad Ross, said both of the men filmed fighting with the special constables were arrested.

The video was posted on YouTube earlier this month by a user called Jorge Pinzon but it has gained more attention after it was posted on Facebook last night, attracting over 300,000 views.

The special constables are part of the security division of the TTC and can only arrest people or investigate offences that take place on Toronto’s subways and buses. However, Toronto Police are still responsible for serious incidents.