Tucson victims face suspect at hearing

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Survivors of the multiple shooting in Tucson, Arizona, two months ago – which left US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords seriously injured – have come face-to-face with the suspect at a court hearing.

At least three victims attended Jared Lee Loughner's hearing, creating a tense showdown, as the smiling suspect entered the room in handcuffs. Susan Hileman stared at Mr Loughner intently from a wheelchair, placing her hands to her face as he walked into the room. Two other survivors – retired Army colonel Bill Badger and Mavanell Stoddard – attended the hearing and sat on the opposite side of the courtroom from 22-year-old Mr Loughner, who was flanked by two US marshals throughout the hearing. Mr Loughner confirmed his name, then pleaded not guilty to dozens of federal charges, including trying to assassinate Ms Giffords, attempting to kill two of her aides and murdering a federal judge, John Roll, and a member of Ms Giffords' staff, Gabe Zimmerman.

The hearing took place in the same Tucson courthouse where Judge Roll had worked before he was killed.

Mr Loughner is also charged with causing the deaths of four others.