Unicorn wearing a tutu interrupts live broadcast on Florida's WTLV

The unicorn gobbles and waves its arms as the reporter keeps a straight face

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A tutu-clad unicorn that ran into an otherwise average local news broadcast on Saturday has taken the art of pranking news reporters live on air to new heights.

Footage shows WTLV’s David Williams reporting live at the scene of a minor fire in the US state of Florida during the Good Morning Jacksonville programme, when a person runs in from the left of the shot.

At first, they tentatively clutch the unicorn head to keep it in on their head. But they soon seize the moment and gain enough confidence to flail their arms as they run at Williams.

The way the segment is filmed, it appears as though Williams is pointing at the unicorn when he mentions that firefighters are at the house.

In an impressive show of professionalism, Williams keeps a straight face, wraps up his report and hands back to the main studio as the unicorn gabbles at him and spins out of the shot.

According to WTLV, Jacksonville Fire Rescue Chief Roger Lewis said the minor fire could be related to hot materials left on the roof, and that two people and four dogs inside the home made it out safely.