Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel makes a splash on the big screen


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A water-skiing rodent has resurfaced back into the limelight.

Twiggy the squirrel has been wowing audiences for years with its novelty act.

The squirrel has recently reappeared back in the public eye at Michigan’s Family Fun Zone, after taking a break from the big screen.

To date, Twiggy has starred in Hollywood films Dodgeball and Anchorman, wowing cinema goers with it's water-skiing skills.

The animal uses special skis to glide along on a remote-controlled speedboat.

Owners Chuck and Lou Ann Best of Deltona, Florida began training squirrels after Chuck joked he would teach the family's pet to water-ski on his daughter's remote-controlled toy.

Twiggy's first appearance on the television came in 1979, during US TV series 'Real People'.

There have been four Twiggy's, and this one is female. The retired squirrels live out their lives as family pets.