University of Maryland gives all-clear after reports of armed person is man carrying rubber rifle

The suspect was an off-duty member of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, carrying a gun replica

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The University of Maryland has given the all-clear following reports of a man armed with a long gun on the College Paark campus.

Police said that two students had noticed the off-duty military member loading his car with a weapon on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly before 2:30pm, University of Maryland police warned everyone in the area to follow all public safety orders.

"Police are actively searching for the suspect," the email alert read.

"Stay alert and follow the direction of police officials."

The investigation concluded that the man was an off-duty member of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

He was carrying a rubber replica rifle in plain clothes and was not a threat, they said.

The students thought they had spotted an AR-15 gun in his hands.

David Mitchell, campus police chief, met with ROTC command staff to discuss the events on Thursday with the aim to prevent future incidents, he said.