US Army skydiver killed in freak accident at Chicago air show

Corey Hood, 32, died in hospital a day after mid-air collision with teammate

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A US Army skydiver has died after he collided mid-air with another jumper during a stunt.

Corey Hood, of Cincinnati, Ohio, was pronounced dead in hospital on Sunday following the accident at the Chicago Air and Water Show.

The 32-year-old, who had done five tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, was taking part in army and navy joint skydiving performance when he hit a nearby rooftop as he suffered an “uncontrolled” landing.

His team were attempting a “bomb burst” where skydivers fall with red smoke trailing from their packs before separating. He is reported to have collided with a member of the Navy’s skydiving team.

Heather Mendenhall, who witnesses the spectacle on Saturday afternoon, told the Chicago Tribune she was watching from a rooftop when she saw Mr Hood hit the roof of a high rise building next door.

She said: "His legs caught the tip of the roof, and then he fell over. It was horrible."

According to the website of the Army team, Golden Knights, this is the first fatality since 1980 when Sgt First Class Thomas Johnson was killed performing in an air show in Virginia.

The other parachutist landed on a nearby beach and has been treated for a broken leg.

The Army has said the accident is under investigation.

Lt Col Matthew Weinrich, commander of the army parachute team told the Chicago Tribune their focus was on “supporting Corey’s family and grieving for our teammate.” 

Additional reporting by AP