US child writes apology letter to operaters after ringing emergency number about 'deez nuts'

Georgia police force accepted the child's apology

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An 11-year-old boy has apologised to emergency services in the United States after he rang 911 to say “Deez Nuts”.

The unidentified child from Savannah-Chatham County, Georgia, was caught by his parents who not only made him write an apology letter but also took him to the local police station to apologise in person.

The sixth-grade student, equivalent to the UK’s first year of secondary school, wrote: “I know this was stupid but I was not listening to myself, but I knew it was wrong.”

The young student, who made the phone call as part of a prank, asked officers to “forgive me for what I said,” adding that he knew there would be “consequences for my actions”.

After the boy appeared at the Savannah-Chatham County 911 Centre, staff accepted his apology and gave him and his parents a tour of the facility.

“Things like this prove that we do make a difference, one person at a time,” Lieutenant Jeff Olson said in a statement to the press.


You can read the full apology below:


Dear Emergency Dispatcher,

I am writing a apology letter for what I did last night. Last night I called and said “Deez Nuts”. I know this was stupid but I was not listening to myself but I knew it was wrong. Please forgive me for what I said. I know there will be consequences for my actions and I will not complain about them. Again please if you can forgive me if you can . What happened was that me and my friends we’re [sic] talking and I got dared to call you,

I would get nothing out of it and only get in trouble for it. In the end I got in trouble for it and this is a letter for you. I am sorry for what I did and hope that you can forgive me.