US closes embassy in Yemen’s capital over security threats

US ambassador to Yemen is scheduled to leave the country on Wednesday

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The US has ordered the emergency closing of its embassy in Sanaa, Yemen, over security concerns in the country and the US ambassador to Yemen is expected to leave Yemen on Wednesday, according to a report from Reuters.

Yemen has been in turmoil since the president and prime minister stepped down last month and Houthi Shiite rebels assumed temporary control.

The Houthis initially were believed to be willing to oversee a peaceful transition of power but late last week disbanded Yemen’s parliament, casting doubt on the stability of the country.

Yemen had been a key US ally in the Middle East, but also is home to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, among the most powerful of al-Qaeda affiliates.

The US is expected to ask either Turkey or Algeria to monitor the country’s interests in Yemen until the embassy can be reopened.

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