U.S. Coast Guard rescue fishermen in Alaska moments before their vessel sinks - video

Dramatic footage released of four fishermen escaping a sinking vessel in Alaska

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The crew of a 73-foot fishing boat was dramatically rescued on Wednesday, after their vessel sunk in violent waters near Alaska’s Lituya Bay.

The Coast Guard arrived in a Jayhawk helicopter to witness the fishing boat sinking with four men on board.

The video captures the crew jumping overboard, wearing emersion suits designed to protect against hypothermia. The men managed to climb onto a rescue raft just moments before their fishing vessel was fully submerged.

Rescuers quickly hoisted the men to safety; but the Coast Guard has said the crew’s quick-thinking to escape the vessel was essential to them being alive.

All four men are reported in good health and an investigation will now begin to determine why the fishing boat sank.