All Mitt Romney's sons: a spotters' guide


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The eldest Romney son and an adviser on his father's campaign. Told reporters after last week's second debate he'd like to "rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him [Barack Obama]". Which suggests his usual campaign "advice" is similar to a ringside drunk at a civic-hall boxing match. Works in private equity, natch.


Youngest of the five Romney boys. Impressed prospective Latino Republican voters with a speech in Spanish at the Republican convention and has been playing a big role in wooing Spanish-speaking voters in swing states. The reason why Malia Obama is currently three months into an intensive Spanish course.


Looks exactly like Mitt and is the most likely to follow the Romney tradition of a move into politics (after grandfather George and his dad). Which makes him the Romney family's George W Bush. Think about that.


Despite professing a liking for weedy liberal-music favourites The Shins and Coldplay, this Romney proved he's no cuddly centrist when he joked that his father would release his tax returns when Obama releases his "grades and birth certificate" (a "dumb joke", he later admitted). Not to be confused with: Mitt Romney.


The white sheep of the family. The only Romney boy not to work in business or real estate. Also, blond. Ben is a third-year resident in the radiology department at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Which, frankly, is more than you can say for Sasha Obama.