Bernie Sanders supporters keep fainting at his rallies

A woman was close to ‘smashing her head’ off a podium - the second person to faint in less than a week


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A second person has fainted at a Bernie Sanders rally for the second time in less than a week, prompting people to speculate whether the Vermont Senator is making his fans feel woozy with admiration.

A woman was “horrifically close” to smashing her head off the podium when she collapsed at the Senator’s rally on Monday.

Mr Sanders said: “Oh my God,” as the woman fell. She was helped to her feet and walked off stage, and the Senator was able to resume his speech.

Gawker writer Ashley Feinberg wrote: “Are they just “feeling the Bern” so intensely to the point that they literally can’t take it? Or is someone else trying to take them out one-by-one (not that another candidate would do that of course that’s not what we’re suggesting)?”

Last week the Senator ran to help a man who had fainted on the stage as he was giving a speech.

In both videos, Mr Sanders jumped with fright as the people hit the floor.