Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders thanks his Reddit following before asking for votes to challenge Hillary Clinton

'You have supported me since this campaign first began, and for that, I thank you'

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In a last minute push to win some more votes on Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders thanked his huge following on Reddit and asked them to show their support for him on social media.

On Super Tuesday, 12 states will vote for the candidate they want to represent their party in the November general election. For the Democrats, it is expected that Mr Sanders' rival, Hillary Clinton, will sweep the votes.

According to a CNN poll, 55 per cent of Democratic voters are likely to back Ms Clinton, while Mr Sanders will receive 38 per cent.

But right up until midnight on Monday, Mr Sanders was still trying to turn the tables.

In a message posted to the social news site, he said: “Reddit, you have supported me since this campaign first began, and for that, I thank you.”

The 74-year-old Vermont Senator went on to say that he had a “huge request”.

“I want to challenge you to help our campaign hit a goal that will absolutely astonish the political and financial establishment of this country.

"It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s within the spirit of this campaign to accomplish what everyone else thinks is impossible,” he said, asking everyone to donate $2.70 (£1.93) before midnight on the eve of Super Tuesday.

He also asked his supporters to “get the word out to your friends and family using social media” to secure him more votes.

What is Super Tuesday?

Since Mr Sanders joined the presidential race last year, he has received overwhelming support on Reddit. According to Policy Mic, there are at least 80 subreddits for Mr Sanders, including the main r/SandersforPresident thread.

According to recent statistics released by the Pew Research Center, Mr Sanders is also the most discussed presidential candidate on Reddit.

After studying 350,000 comments which mentioned candidates in June and September 2015, Mr Sanders was mentioned 123,000 times. This compared with the 65,000 times Ms Clinton was mentioned and the 72,000 times for Donald Trump.